Football Squares Online

Perfect for Fund Raising


20+ Years of Satisfied Customers!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this site being so easy to use. I used it for fundraising and raised over $1000's towards my charity Team Challenge of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.


This is a great tool for doing squares when your users are at many different locations, cities, states, etc.


Just wanted you to know that we appreciate your service and we will always use this site every year thank you.


It's the best of its kind, I use it every year.


So on behalf of my company we just used your site company wide for 11 charts. We will use this every year. Love it!


Much better than my previous spreadsheet!


Thanks for the cool site, saves us a ton of trouble.



  • No software to install. 100% online
  • Option to send email confirmations for picks to both users and administrator
  • Different numbers per quarter, per half or per game
  • Grids are password protected and given a unique link to share
  • Generate the numbers randomly or manually enter them in
  • Easily mark users as Paid so you know who still owes
  • Easily view all entrants and what Squares they have selected
  • Export users for use in any spreadsheet application
  • Create your own rules and set your costs
  • Simply delete unwanted users
  • Name your Grid whatever you want (Ex. Sam's Football Squares), and this will be displayed as the title of your site, and labeled at the top of each of your pages
  • We provide a sample of the rules, but you can change them to fit your specific requirements